About YSF


The youth of our Nation, has to understand the society which is being influenced and shaped by Education, Science & Technology Development activities. Though the formal education plays a pivotal role, it needs field based studies to strengthen their understanding and hence the Youth Science Festival (YSF).



The primary objective of the Youth Science Festival is to make a forum available to the youth of the age group of 17-25 yrs, inclusive of regular college students and the youth from other organizaitons, to exhibit their creativity and innovativeness and more particularly their ability to relate science to society and the addressing of various problems in society. 

This will involve the youth in close and keen observation of manner and matter, raising pertinent questions, building models, predicting solutions on the basis of the models, trying out various possible alternatives and arriving at an optimum solution using experiments, field work, research and innovative ideas. The Youth Science Congress provides a platform for invention and innovation by the young minds in the use of science for the betterment of society and the growth  of our nation and organising for a scientific, egalatarian society.


n Innovative, simple and practical

n Based on exploration of everyday life-situations

n May include field based data collection.

n Development of suitable simple technology.

n Definite outputs arrived through scientific methodology.

n Definite follow up plans.

n Projects will be assessed on the basis of problem chosen, presentation, data collection and 

analysis, experimentation, validation, problem solving attempts (including technological) and team 


n 25  best  projects will  be  selected  for  the  state  level.

n All participants of the Youth Science Festival will be approciated  with  certificates.

n Summary of the best projects will be published as a book 

by  Tamil  Nadu  Science  Forum.