Tamil Nadu Science Forum

Tamil Nadu Science Forum

TNSF is a People Science Movement involving people from all walks of life including scientists, teachers,

employees, industrial / agricultural workers, students, women, social activists, etc. TNSF is a part of All

India People Science Movement (AIPSN) and also a member organization & National Council for Science

& Technology Communication Network, (NCSTC Network), Dept. of Science & Technology, Government

of India.

TNSF has been active since 1980 and has been instrumental in important contributions in the field of

school education and science popularization & awareness programme. It is involved in women self help

groups, people's health and developmental issues. TNSF is widely known for its involvement in "Literacy

for Air programme of National Literacy Mission and the National Children's Science Congress of National

Council for Science & Technology Communication Network TNSF is involving thousands of school

children in simple science projects under National Children Science Congress (NCSC).

TNSF was awarded with National Council for Science & Technology Communication of Government of

India award for one of the best organizations of Science Communication, UGC-Hari Om award for

Science Publications, Arignar Anna award for environmental awareness by Government of Tamil Nadu,

and appreciation for Health Improvement among rural children for the Arogya Iyakkam by UNICEF.

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